Kadija sobre Vesorianna

I don’t think it’s possible to describe the weight in my heart when we left Vesorianna’s place on Harrowstone. The polite word in the novels I’ve heard is ‘shaken’. But I guess it’s more something like… shocked. And really… sad.

I could almost touch her sadness, her despair, and the guilty for the loss of her beloved, and the burden of their fate. I’m not na├»ve, I know that undead stories are not happy, but her face, her hollow eyes… reminded me of my own tragedies. And that bad things happen to good people. Without aparent reason.

But I must say I have my share of kindness in life. I have my brother, and I know he cares about me. I sure love him, and will do what I can to take care of him.

Kadija Drakov

Kadija sobre Vesorianna

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